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(August 1, 2011) My South American adventure on three wheels has ended.

After 100+ days traveling 20k+ kilometers across South America in a giant loop, I arrived in Tacna Peru at the end of July and made the decision to sell my moto and return home. I had an absolutely amazing time but after nearly two years of crazy adventure after crazy adventure I decided it was time to return home and spend some quality time with my friends in the USA.

I am still adjusting to life back home and working on updating the final pieces of my journey - the last week in Bolivia was one of the toughest in my life. Stay tuned for the rest of the month to see the final photos, videos and stories from the endng of this amazing trip.

There are a ton of videos and pictures as well as daily ride reports on my Facebook page, please check 'em out!


Reverse Timeline to Date:

  • 7/28: Tacna, Peru: Red sold for ~$600. Going home...
  • 7/20: The Bolivian altiplano in winter blows my mind
  • 6/25: Major mechanical issues up and down Argentina
  • 6/03: Heading back north trying to outrun winter
  • 5/30: Arrived in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
  • 5/14: Celebrated my birthday alone in San Martin, Argentina :(
  • 5/06: Entered Argentina from Chile
  • 4/30: Entered Chile from Peru
  • 4/15: Plates and registration ready, I'm off to the bottom of the world!
  • 3/29: Mototaxi arrives, awaiting government paperwork
  • 3/17: Complete bank transfer/etc. await arrival of mototaxi
  • 3/15: Begin mototaxi purchase process in Lima, Peru
  • 3/12: Leave Washington DC
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